noene walking with sport soles

The pleasure of walking

Walking is something uniquely human

that sets us apart from the other apes. The reasons why we chose to walk as the only way to move around are still not clear. Scientists calculate that the separation between men and apes dates back to between 7 and 9 million years ago. Walking is a natural movement that is learnt in early childhood. And simple as it may look, it involves balancing and coordinating more than 20 muscles. It has taken millions of years of evolution. It is a process of physical adaptation that humans have acquired, which we all share, which is developed from birth to give us a unique independence of movement. It is a small miracle that has enabled us to rule the World.

But only 12% of the English population exercises regularly. Have the vast majority of our fellow citizens forgotten the pleasure of walking? The lack of regular exercise and, particularly, reduced walking capacity can lead to overweight, obesity and heart problems. However, according to WHO studies, walking just 30 minutes every day is enough to maintain health. This is how Jean Jacques Rousseau described the pleasure of walking in his book Emile, or on education. It seems that simple pleasures haven’t changed much since 1762 :

I can only think of one way of travelling pleasanter than travelling on horseback, and that is to travel on foot. You start at your own time, you stop when you will, you do as much or as little as you choose. You see the country, you turn off to the right or left; you examine anything which interests you, you stop to admire every view. Do I see a stream, I wander by its banks; a leafy wood, I seek its shade; a cave, I enter it; a quarry, I study its geology. If I like a place, I stop there. As soon as I am weary of it, I go on.

Pleasure walking with running soles

I am independent of horses and postilions I need not stick to regular routes or good roads; I go anywhere where a man can go; I see all that a man can see; and as I am quite independent of everybody, I enjoy all the freedom man can enjoy. What varied pleasures we enjoy in this delightful way of travelling, not to speak of increasing health and a cheerful spirit. I notice that those who ride in nice, well-padded carriages are always wrapped in thought, gloomy, fault-finding, or sick; while those who go on foot are always merry, light-hearted, and delighted with everything. How cheerful we are when we get near our lodging for the night! How savoury is the coarse food! How we linger at table enjoying our rest! How soundly we sleep on a hard bed! If you only want to get to a place you may ride in a post-chaise; if you want to travel you must go on foot.

It is the freedom of walking and its regenerative power that make it so special. Whether it’s hiking on remote mountain paths or strolling in the city, walking is an activity that can be practised as your mood and objectives take you.



A new approach for the blog

A brand new start

It’s been several months since the last update of the Reach the Challenge blog. A change of team has been made to pick up the torch again and give you tips, information and support. Running a blog means sharing information, sensations, looking for whatever could be useful or entertaining. When it comes to sharing passions such as sport, going beyond one’s limits and honing one’s body, the scope is enormous.

So, to help me find the best practices, good advice and share your experiences, the door is open to your comments or you can contact me directly. Of course, the priority is subjects related to feet, such as walking, racing, running, and everything to do with maintaining health. More than anything else, our feet are what connect us to the ground, they keep us upright and enable us to move forward. They absorb impacts, vibration and if they don’t work properly, the whole body can be weakened. I must confess that I had never paid much attention to them. I had thought that my feet were strong and nothing could go wrong with them.


5 Most Common Mistakes we commit Doing Crunches

Few things concerned more about the figure of a man or a woman that the typical curve of happiness that arises in our abdomen. Therefore, the abs are the perfect exercise to have a well defined and toned waist exercise. However, we do not always get the expected results, among other things, because we make a lot of mistakes when exercising. Here are the 5 most common mistakes we commit doing crunches:


What to do with arms while running?

This is one of the biggest dilemmas among runners, what to do with arms while running? There is any position to avoid or you just have to try to find convenience? Today in Reach The Challenge we try to bring some light to a subject where there is no absolute truth, but so many mistakes. The arms are strong allies of the technique during race and our efficiency in running, because even though we do not realize, they help us propel and gain speed, balance and be more efficient with our energy. And what is the correct position? Well, that’s we couldn‘t tell you, but we do confirm what you shouldn’t do. Take a note:

Barcelona Half Marathon

February: Barcelona Half Marathon 2015

In less than a month, to be exact on February 15, Barcelona will host a new edition of the Half Marathon, but this time it will be doubly special because it also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Marathon. And of course, a quarter century is the best time to set a new record.